Glitter Mehndi Body Art - Latest Glitter Tattoos - Henna Mehndi Body Designs Collection

Glitter Mehndi Kits You may have seen Henna or makeup Artist's applying Glitter to their henna (Mehndi) or tattoos. Glitter is all the rage now, everyone wants glitter mehndi or tattoos. Just apply the henna then put in glitter to the wet paste for extra shine!

New Stylish Fashion has Great collection of Glitter for henna tattoos and body art, we are expert in mehndi designs, Bridal Mehndi Designs, Feet Henna Designs. We have almost every type or mehndi designs which can be really useful for any women or girl.

Glitter Henna brightness can be applied with a real glitter cone to enhance the beauty of henna. Each pattern can be used for this type of henna. So, without going into detail Glitter Mehndi trends, New Stylish Fashion presents beautiful and stunning Glitter Mehndi collection, also have latest picture of modern Glitter Mehndi designs.