Choosing the right lip color-How To select perfect lipstick?

Lipstick is an important essential element of femininity and one of the oldest non-conformist makeup product.

Lipstick comes from the French adjective “rouge” and explains exactly the red color lips considered one of the necessary attribute of femininity.

At the present time, with the huge range of lipstick brands, colors and textures, we find it complicated to select products that suit us. Many women refuse to wear anything except one or two lipsticks, they are comfortable to using. It is not tough to choose lipstick colors once you know a simple fact. The whole thing you must to know is whether your skin tones are “warm” or “cool”. Everybody is either warm or cool and it’s all over your face color: blondes, redheads and brunettes can be either.

“If I had someone to teach only one thing regarding lipstick color it would be this: Find the lipstick that looks excellent on your face when you absolutely do not wear makeup.” – Bobbi Brown, “Beauty”.

Best tips to help select the perfect ideal lipstick color:

1. Light color face (porcelain, ivory, nude)

Red wine shade, coral
Brown and beige: chocolate for the sundown, caramel for daylight
Pink matte or with shiny golden reflections

Keep away from:
Orange, Fuchsia, Brown with yellow pigment

2. Medium brown face color (sand, beige)
Warm shades of red, rust
Caramel brown with yellow pigment, cafe au lait
Mostly fuchsia, Rose, pink

Keep away from: light brown to pale

3. Dark colored skin (Olive, early tan, tan)
 Raspberry, Bluish red
Mahogany, Plum
A thick range of brown shades
Caramel pink, nude

Keep away from:

Best choose Lipstick color Tricks:
You passed the outline of your lips? Do not remove the outer line with your fingers. Apply a cotton stick dipped in foundation or makeup remover.

Another trick is to color the white area outer surface the lips with a lip liner that must have the same color as the lipstick.

For daily makeup, choose the perfect lipstick color that matches the natural color of your skin and hair. Keep lipstick color lighter in daylight and darker in nighttime. A pure, natural-looking lipstick color with a little polish also looks fine for the day.

Volume of Lipsticks

Do you want more volume? Use a beige blush, a shade lighter than the foundation, around the lips. The contrast among dark and light will present the feeling of volume.

Always test for color and a lipstick in large daylight before buying.
Never feel shy to mix and mixing different colors of lipstick would bring the beloved color of your skin color and tone to balance a try.