Mehndi festival dress | Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs Dresses | Pakistani Designer Collections For Rasm-e-Hina

Mehndi is an imperative festival in eastern and Muslim weddings. On this occasion relatives and friends are invited to have fun. In Mehndi evening they sing songs and apply mehndi. Usually the mehndi dresses are yellow in color.

In Pakistan many famous designers which are giving us latest and beautiful designs of dresses to wear in any special oocasion, wedding occasion, baraat occasion, mehndi (Rasm-e-Hina) occasion. We are introducing Shazia Designers Mehndi Dresses: Shazia Designer is most popular, as an icon of Pakistani designer, everybody like her dress designs. She collects lots of designs according to latest fashion trends. Almost every person wants to wear yellow, green, pink and golden Mehndi dresses on that day of Rasm e Hina or Mehndi Festival, Barat and Valima. So look below Pakistan’s beautiful designer collection and select dress design according to fashion trends and your beauty.

Here are a few dress designs for your pleasure.

Get Sexy Smokey Eyes - How To Make Smoky Eyes - The Perfect Smoky Eye Celebrities Look

We all like the way of Hollywood and Bollywood superstar’s eyes seem to be like – so sexy. The secret of these eyes is the smoky eye effect. No issue what your eye nature is, this sexy eye make-up will look wonderful and amazing on your face.

Smoky eyes are great anywhere, anytime because the makeup is not overdo, and it inserts a little bit of attraction and mystery to your appearance. Here is tip that how to get this incredibly and sexy smoky look.

What Would You Need To Get The Sexy Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes Shadow Brushes and Liners
Before you start applying your makeup to get the smoky eye, you must know exactly what it is you need to make the perfect, ideal and sexy smoky eye.

* Eye Shadows - take care that you have as a minimum 3 shades of the same family of color. For the sexy smoky eye look, it is better to apply dark colors like black, browns, blue or any color you choose.

* Eye Lash Curler - It is an essential tool, make certain to bend your lashes before applying the make-up. This will let your eyes to bring in and look more attentive.

* Eye Liner - Eye liners can be liquid or pencil, either you prefer, but the pencil tend to job better with the sexy smoky eyes.

* Smooth Shadow Brush, Smudge Brush and a Blender Brush - These brushes are they solution tools to get the sexy Smokey look. Every one is important for the eye shadow purpose and for marking the eye liners.

* Mascara - I prefer to use black mascara, but you can select the one you prefer.

Tips To Get Sexy Smokey Eyes
Firstly, you need some tools. Choose for a darker eye shadow such as a charcoal, chocolate brown or bronze. You also must have a smooth eyeliner brush and a cotton swab.

Start the process by applying an uncovered eye shadow over your whole lid. It will put your makeup in position. Immerse the edge of your eyeliner brush into the mysterious eye shadow.

Smoothly, press the tip of the lining brush into the base of your upper lashes. Do again alongside the length of your eyelashes. Put in more shadow if required.

With the cotton swab, softly mark the liner upwards as if to mingle it with the neutral shadow. Complete by applying two thick coats of black mascara to your bottom and top and lashes.

Get silky And Soft hairs | Tips For Beautiful Silky Hairs | Shiny – Soft And Silky Hairs

All women and Girl wish to have beautiful silky hairs. Having smooth and silky hair is one of the features of beauty. Silky long hair is a attractiveness plus point of gorgeous girls and women. It is easier to knot your hairs in doesn't matter what style you like. With right care of hairs, silky hairs can be realism. Natural and protected cosmetic products can also make your hairs soft and silky. Follow these instructions to make your hairs more silky and soft.

1. Make use of almond oil to massage your hair earlier than washing your hair. Massaging your hair with almond oil will assist you to get soft and silky hair. Massaging is excellent for getting better blood circulation and getting stronger hair.

2. Mix up equal measures of lemon and onion juice and then apply to your hair before using shampoo.
3. Apply 2 full eggs mixed up with four (4) spoons olive oil to your hair. Then cover your hair with a plastic and leave for 20 minutes then rinse. This is an outstanding and best tip for silky and shiny hairs
4. Insert a small amount of leaves Hibiscus (China rose) to a glass of water. Heat it. The juice of a lime must be compressed in the separated mixture and it should be applied to the hair before shampooing.

5. Apply combination of shikakai powder, amla powder, henna (mehndi) powder and curd as conditioner to get silky and soft hair

6. Apply paste made out of the leaves of hibiscus plant on your hair. Let it stay for 10-20 minutes and then wash your hair to get best results.

7. Blend two whole eggs with four (4) tablespoon of olive oil apply this mixture on your hair and leave it. Clean your hair after 20 minutes, you will get your hair slipping like silk after this.

8. Attempt massaging your hair just the once in a week with aroma oils to make your hair soft and silky

9. Make a mixture using shikakai powder, amla powder, henna powder, ritha powder, and bhringaraj powder in the same quantity. Insert water to this mixture and heat this mixture. When the mixture will become lukewarm apply smoothly on your hair. Leave it on your hair for 15-20 minutes and wash hair without applying shampoo to get the most excellent result.

10. Utilize mixture of mustard oil. Apply curd and lemon on your hair. Leave this mixture on your hair for thirty (30) minutes and then wash it.

11. Use Aloe Vera gel with hair shampoo which is caring to make your hair shiny and soft.

12. Apply pour apple juice or boiled apple pulp on your hair before washing.

Make sure that you have a fair and protein rich diet which is important for good, shiny and silky hair.

Anarkali Umbrella Frock - Kurti Styles - Salwar Kameez - Anarkali Frock Designs 2011 - Frock Designs in Pakistan

Anarkali Umbrella Frock Dresses In Fashion

Anarkali dress back in fashion now days in form of Anarkali Frocks after a long duration.  For those people who feel like to know about the history of this elegant Anarkali Salwar Kameez suit and would like to know how this “Anarkali” name created, firstly you must know little bit about the formation and design of Anarkali Frocks and Shalwar Kameez.

Long kurti with short, half and full sleeves, but tight on arms, tight and fit on top of the waist and below the butts look like an umbrella, called Anarkali Umbrella Frocks or Kameez. The Anarkali Shalwaar is just like the Churidar Salwaar that generally used with Frocks. It was to the point and fantasy demo of Anarkali dress and Anarkali Frocks.

Black Anarkali Frocks And Salwar Kameez

Black color is most popular color in all over the world, that's why Anarkali Frock dress designers also focus on black color. Usually young girls or teenage girls love to wear black color in for casual parties, night functions and also in buddies’ refreshment celebrations.

New Stylish Fashion has Newest design of Anarkali style Frocks, which are well-liked and in fashion trends, dressed with different prints, embroidery, materials, a choice of designer sleeves and stylish neck. We have also Anarkali Umbrella Frock dress, Anarkali Kurti Styles, Anarkali Salwar Kameez, Anarkali Frock Designs 2011, Frock Designs in Pakistan and beautiful Frocks Collections to deliver any where in paksitan.

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