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New Stylish Fashion gives you information of all about lip liner tips that is very difficult and some time amusing to try new lip liner style to change your complete look. Many People Doesn’t have idea about that how should we apply lip liner. For the normal look or can say daily routine makeup you don’t need to apply Lip Liner, but if you are going to be presenter of any function, party or if you are a news caster then you must give your lips more identify shape so at that time it is essential necessary to apply lip liner to give outline to your lips.

Lip liner is meant to make a line, a frame for the lips. Many times, you must have experienced spreading and smudging of lipstick above and lower your lips. It is very difficult task to wipe the extra lipstick especially, when you have done your whole makeup! Lip liner is a tonic of all these type of problems. Lip liner gives the shape to your lips, which stop the lipstick from bleeding. Lip liner is also useful to keep lipstick on your lips for a longer time. Above and beyond all these uses, the most important advantage of lip liner is that it gives your lips a real shape, which makes them be clear and beautiful.

Latest Lip Liner Tips That Really Work: Here are few tips that are really helpful to apply lip liner.

  • Firstly before apply lip liner it is very necessary to apply lip balm to smooth and soften your lips.
  • After then clean your lips well, remove any symbols of gloss or lip balm.
  • Outline around your lips, start from bow line of upper lip where small v shape is, then in apply lip liner in small hit to go to the boundary of the lip.
  • To start with, draw a dot in center of your upper lip as well as lower lip. In the similar way, draw few more dots on the whole lips, keep a distance between them.
  • Start joining the dots individually, with a hard hand. go on till the edge of the lips.
  • You can cover any sort of disorder of your lip with adjustment of lip liner.
  • Now wait for a second and check cautiously in the mirror and if you observe any space, fill it with light strokes.
  • Now you can apply lipstick. See how the lip liner and lipstick look smooth and gorgeous.