Shiny Face / Oily Makeup And Beauty Tips

While some people think about shiny or oily skin a blessing for the reason that of the anti-aging factor, others consider it an irritation. Oily skin makes your face dull, motionless color, pimples, and a shiny face. Unfortunately, it is not easy to avoid the oily face conditions, but having the correct makeup tips will significantly great improve your skin’s look.

Here are some latest makeup tips for applying makeup to a shiny face.

Make-up Foundations, Blush, Powders and further More for Oily Skin

Makeup Foundation:

  • Wear makeup foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin quality.
  • Apply foundation that has a not shiny finish so that your face doesn’t look shiny.
  • Don’t over-apply foundation. Less is more!

  • Use blush that’s one shade lighter than the color you feel like your cheeks to be. If you want rosy red cheeks, make use of pink blush as an alternative of red to avoid darkening of the skin due to oil.
  • Always use brush when you apply blush.
  • Never use your fingers to mix the blush on your cheeks.

  • Firstly get face powder that is a shade lighter than your skin shade.
  • Just use pressed powder with a matte finish because it is made especially for oily skin and shiny face.
  • Pick makeup powder that gives you full coverage.
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