Facial Clay Masks for Acne - Green Clay Mask for Pimples - Clay Mask Recipes

Facial Clay Masks recipes are specifically best for oily skins or Acne skin, however depending on which clay color you use all skin types can help. I have a preference using the French clays as these are good in mineral content. These minerals are really useful to cleanse the skin, exfoliate, detoxify, heal, sooth, and tone.

As pointed out in last lines that the different color clays present are useful for different types of skins as each one has its own exclusive healing properties.

  • The color of green clay helps to draw toxins from the skin and can calm inflammations. It is particularly good for acne.
  • The color of White clay calm and softens the skin and is appropriate for all types of skin. White clay is the gentlest of all the clays.
  • The color of Red clay is best for sensitive and dry skins.
  • The color of Pink clay is mostly valuable for tired, toning dull skin. It has also outstanding cleansing expertise.
  • Even some clay gives a better effect to your skin and can be taken as Face Mask. Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay can be opted as Face Mask and for oily and skins which contain acne prone conditions, they will be given such a great result by this face mask.

Clay Mask for Pimples or Acne:

-Firstly, take a small pot and put in three to four tablespoon of corn flout and 2 oz green clay into it.

-After then, take a tablespoon of green clay and also take corn flour mixture in a bowl. Put in one teaspoon of water and one drop each of lavender, chamomile, juniper and patchouli essential oils to the mixture to formulate a paste.

- Now wash your face then apply this resultant mixture on your face.

-Stay pasted it on your face 20 to 25 minutes and then clean your face with fresh water.

-High quality moisturizer will be a better option to moisturize your facial skin.

Apply this clay mask formula on a fortnightly basis to stay beware or to reduce pimples. Drink more water and have fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance your natural beauty.