Pakistani wedding ceremonies has great importance and celebrates with customs and traditions. Pakistani wedding has fun, celebrations, traditions, colors and sentiments. Wedding in Pakistan is not only the marriage of a bride and groom; it brings closer the families. It is the relationship between two families. Pakistani culture adopts many of wedding celebrations from Indian culture like Mayun, mehndi etc.

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The Mayun ceremony is basically a pre-wedding custom where the bride enters into a state of seclusion seven to fifteen days before the wedding. She is made free of all the household tasks and errands during this time and she is supposed to stay at home, away from the public's view especially from guys.

The Mehndi, henna ceremony, or the Rasm-e-henna, typically takes place one or two days prior to the main wedding day.

Typically, yellow shades are favored for Mayun ceremonies. But shades of pink, orange and red dresses are also some popular as Mayun Dresses. And for mehndi, the bride normally wears a green dress or yellows/orange and uses only light, or mostly, no make-up. Nowadays many other colors are also used. Dare to be different and just select something new. And New Stylish Fashion has made it easy for you. Just go through our site and have a solution of your problem.

Here are some ideas on what to wear at your Mayun and Mehndi ceremony.