Cracked Lips Care - Chapped Lip Care tips – Winter Beauty tips – Natural Remedies for Cracked Lips

Lip care for cracked lips

Cracked lips are a general problem faced by mostly many women during the cold season. But now days many lip balms are available in the market, lip balms chemically made lip-care creams may have an effect on the smoothness and natural color of the lips.


Pure butter obtained from cow’s milk is the best natural remedy for cracked lips. When you feel lips are cracked apply this butter. Pure butter can be applied for some times during the day to protect your lips.

Protection Of Lips:

Until the end of time apply a natural lip balm to protect your lips.
Massaging lips with ghee and leaving a skinny layer of it on lips all night acts as a natural 

  • Continually apply herbal moisturizing cream on lips.
  • Apply a thin coat of natural balm on your lips before applying lipsticks.
  • Dip small cotton gauze in warm clarified butter (ghee) and place it on lips for 20 minutes.
  • Before going to bed don’t forget to remove your lipstick and using an herbal cleanser and apply a thin layer of ghee on lips.
  • Don’t lick lips repeatedly.
  • Honey is another best natural remedy for lips. Honey can be applies on small cuts on lips because it is pure clean.
  • If you have sun damaged lips, so then just apply aloe Vera gel over lips. You can rub the soft tissue of aloe Vera over lips to moisturize and exfoliate them.
  • Shea butter is very useful for extremely sensitive lips.