“Midnight” Jewellery Collection 2011 - Latest Pakistan fashion Jewellery - Stylish Pakistan Fashion Designer Collection

Ayesha Omer sparkles with brightness and shine exquisite jewelry collection Midnight 2011 by Enchanted jewelry, photography and styling made with Rannaand Ayaz.

Midnight jewelry collection 2011 reflects the finest creations from Amethst made carnelian, f crystals Sworovski, reshwater pearls, Smokey Quartz, Agate, and other precious stones in the glamorous glow color of beauty and class.

Each piece in the collection spectacular design includes a name that inspires a feeling like dazzling brilliance of the jewels. From beautiful sunsets in the Blissful beads sunflower Flurry Dancing in the Moonlight, sparks collection and shining in all the emotions of desire and passion.