Zanbeel Clutches For Women 2011-2012 - Latest Pakistan Fashion Designer Clutches Collection

Zanbeel means" basket ", but the inspiration came from Umro Ayyar Zanbeel label" Magic Box ". Zanbeel label similarity Mode said that their collections are like a most precious treasure, and it would add a magical glow when you carry Zanbeel elegant and stylish clutches. Zanbeel recently launched stunning clutches for women 2011-2012 for Bridal. Zanbeel clutches in this collection are decorated with diamond-shaped crystals and pearls. Each piece of clutches women in this collection is the heart torn out. The high quality products and the best work of the beads are to make them even more exclusive. Zanbeel clutches are also available online. From New Stylish Fashion let's have a look gorgeous clutches Zanbeel latest fashion for women 2011-2012.